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The wide range of choices makes NW SunSolutions films appropriate for virtually any architectural context or functional need:

Privacy – When light and seclusion are desired, provides both with eye-pleasing grace, making it ideal for bathrooms, health clubs, office partitions, conference rooms, public buildings, banks and restaurants.

Design enhancement – As a complement to interior window and wall treatments, adds another exciting dimension to aesthetic design possibilities.

In vogue styles – The broad selection of patterns assures a modern, up-to-date look can easily be changed at much less expense than replacing glass.

Enjoy the Beauty and Appearance of  Etched Glass with NW SunSolutions films

Etched glass has been used for hundreds of years to enhance and beautify the interior architectural features of private homes, commercial structures and public edifices. But as with all enduring beauty it is a costly feature that few can afford.  NW SunSolutions films are an economical option.

The utmost in appearance for a fraction of the cost

Now you can enjoy the beauty of decorative glass at a surprisingly reasonable price. NW Sun Solutions-installed  decorative window film provides an economical option. This affordable alternative to traditional etched glass is available in a comprehensive selection of graceful patterns that will augment the beauty and enhance the privacy of any personal or public space whether the décor is classic or contemporary-modern.

Safety features – Reduces likelihood of personal injury by increasing the visibility of transparent glass doors and panels. The tough, elastic adhesive effectively slows “smash-and-grab” thieves and holds shattered glass fragments together, reducing or preventing dangerous flying shards.

Reduces glare – Moderates harsh direct sunlight and virtually eliminates glare-induced eyestrain.