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Graffiti Protection and Control 

Window film can be a real boon to anyone who has had to deal with ugly graffiti defacing a building’s façade, hallway panels, elevator doors, restroom mirrors, etc.  Removable protective film applied to surfaces subject to such damage can provide an effective way of dealing with the problem, and at much lower cost than replacing an expensive architectural component such as an entire windowpane.

Affordable Graffiti Protection
Graffiti-Free Film offers an affordable, hassle free answer to the aggravation and expense of dealing with ugly graffiti.  It is especially fabricated for commercial and retail buildings and has a tough, scratch-resistant surface which protects the underlying glass surface from marring and is easily peeled off and replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacing expensive glass.
Smash-and-grab thefts are a favorite of petty thieves.  Security Films are designed to reduce or prevent shattering of a window by blunt force.  If the glass is broken special adhesives bind the sharp fragments in place while the rugged and elastic layered film remains intact, blocking easy entry.  This surprise factor creates a time delay that thwarts the perpetrator, frequently deterring further attempts to enter.

Natural Disasters and Explosive Events
Window glass can be shattered by high wind pressure from violent storms or blast events. Safety & Security Window Films protect in two ways: first, by actually increasing the strength of plate glass to resist fracture, and second, if fracture occurs, by holding the razor-like shards together and preventing dangerous flying projectiles.

Security & Safety – for People and Property
NW SunSolutions is proud to offer its clients window film choices for Safety & Security, simply the best in window films designed to provide safety for personnel and security for expensive property and merchandise.  The wide spectrum of styles, tints and grades assures the availability of a film that is optimal for virtually any functional protection need, whether it be from the high winds of storms or blast events, earthquakes, break-and-enter thievery, graffiti-spreading vandals or ultraviolet induced fading of materials and skin damage. All of NW SunSolutions  installed Security & Safety films include a manufacturer’s warranty

The tough, durable films have proven their worth over many years in thousands of installations worldwide.  These include some of the world’s most distinctive and discriminating institutions such as Le Louvre, New Scotland Yard and the Smithsonian.  NW Sun Solutions is proud to be a member of the top of the line manufacturer’s network of dealers and installers.  Our factory trained & certified associates are here to assist you in determining the most appropriate film for your application.