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The high quality film that NW SunSolutions installs is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce heating and cooling costs, enhance window beauty, provide protection for you and your possessions and add security to your living space. The wide variety of styles and colors available offers you an unmatched panorama of design possibilities to choose from as you make your home more attractive, more comfortable and cost-effective. 

Control Air-conditioning and Heating Costs
About 30% of your home’s energy requirement for cooling results from solar radiation entering through the existing windows. This heat must be removed by an AC system that relies on increasingly costly energy input. A virtually invisible thin film applied to the window’s inner surface can dramatically reduce the sun’s heat at the point of entry and thereby reduce the cost of AC operation and maintenance.  The reverse effect in the winter results from the film’s ability to help prevent heat from escaping from your home’s interior resulting in lower heating bills.

Reduce fading and deterioration of valuable furnishings
Radiation from the sun, especially the ultraviolet component (UV), contributes substantially  (heat and light are contributing factors also to a lesser degree), to the fading of virtually everything in your home, from fabrics to rugs to expensive artwork. UV also can damage skin and in some cases lead to cancer. The window films featured by NW SunSolutions effectively protect against these unwanted effects by rejecting up to 99% of UV radiation.

Shield your loved ones from danger
A broken window, whether from natural disaster or human action, creates hazards on two levels. A hazard to personal safety is created by flying fragments of sharp glass, and a hazard to property is created when the window’s integrity is breached, permitting access by thieves and allowing entry of wind and rain during hurricanes or other severe storms. The resulting water damage or loss to theft can be catastrophic. The adhesive film installed by NW SunSolutions holds glass fragments together and retards or prevents entry of water, windblown debris and thieves.

Increase privacy and reduce uncomfortable glare
Window films increases your privacy by reducing the ability of passersby to see inside your home, and by moderating uncomfortable glare it enhances your enjoyment of the view through your filmed windows.

There are many colors and optical densities to choose from as you plan the beautification as well as the protection of your home’s windows.  A manufacturer’s warranty backs all films installed by NW SunSolutions, and most are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

Contact your NW Sun Solutions representative for more information on our extensive line of high quality window films.