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Commercial Window Film Reduces Operating Expenses, Improves Indoor Environments And Enhances Building Aesthetics  

The single most important and cost effective thing a building owner can do to protect and enhance this significant investment, improve tenant comfort and add to the bottom line, is to install NW Sun Solutions window films on its internal and external glass surfaces.

Create Year-round Energy Savings

Sunlight contributes significantly to the heat load of a commercial building.  The result is increased air-conditioning expense in hot weather, and with energy prices rising, that increase can be substantial. The films used by NW Sun Solutions specifically rejects heat-carrying infrared solar radiation at its entry point - the window.  This results not only in direct dollar savings in energy costs but adds to equipment life by reducing the operating time of the building’s AC system.  The reverse scenario occurs in cold weather; heat loss through the window is reduced resulting in lower heating costs. In new construction the lower calculated heating and cooling loads can reduce construction costs by allowing installation of a smaller, less expensive, energy efficient HVAC system.

Increased Workplace Comfort and Productivity

The ability of window film to retard heat input in hot weather and reduce heat loss in cold weather moderates the peaks and valleys of building temperature fluctuation, a factor that of itself improves occupant comfort levels. This also results in reduced operating time of HVAC systems, which many consider important in achieving a healthy internal building environment.

Employees and Others Will Benefit from Glare Reduction

Eyestrain, resulting from improperly managed natural lighting which creates glare, is often an important cause of lowered employee productivity and (discomfort to visiting clients and customers).  Often the remedy is to close blinds or draw curtains and increase the use of artificial lighting, all of which only increase lighting expense while doing little to solve the problem.  The right window film can virtually eliminate glare while allowing natural light to play its role in creating a pleasant and productive workplace.

Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) Reduction=Fade and Personal Protection

The main culprit in fading and deterioration of furnishings, carpet, artwork and merchandise is invisible solar ultraviolet radiation. Medical studies have shown that this component of sunlight can also damage skin, in some cases resulting in cancer. NWSS window films effectively combats these detrimental effects by rejecting up to 99% of UV radiation.  In even a modest commercial building the savings created by greater longevity of furnishings and longer merchandise shelf life, not to mention human health benefits and reduced employee downtime savings, can amount to thousands of dollars annually.
Give Your Building A Facelift

How often have you driven by a building housing several different tenants, each having disparate décor and function, giving a disorganized, cluttered overall look to an otherwise architecturally attractive structure?  The externally reflective properties of tinted film can sheath your building’s windows in an optically uniform and attractive covering that restores a look of distinction to your property.

Benefit with the “Green” Environmental Protection of Window Film Products

With increased public awareness of the importance of energy conservation, the role of window film in reducing a building’s energy usage becomes ever more important. No longer is the utility of this film limited to saving operation costs.  As important as that is to the owner, Window Film is now viewed as an important energy saver.  Its significance as another weapon in mankind’s arsenal to protect our environment is coming of age.  NW SunSolutions is committed to obtain the maximum this environment-protecting feature of its window film product lines.